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Underwear box


ZK660 series underwear box maker, including ZK660A, ZK660AN, ZK660ANP and ZK900, are universal box making machineries for cell phones, cosmetics, shirts, underwear, metals, gifts and foods, etc.

As underwear boxes should be water resistant, dust resistant and bacteria resistant, drying system is adopted in every section of our underwear box maker to control the humidity and maintain hygiene.

Our ZK660 series underwear box making machineries can finish paper feeding, gluing, positioning and paperboard fitting, automatic guiding, wrapping, trimming and folding in on time by applying photoelectric tracking system, PLC programmable controller and HMI with touch panel.


Process 1

Gluing the outer facing while pasting the angel of paperboard→positioning and pressing→printing and forming

Process 2

Gluing the outer facing while jointing the board of paperboard→positioning and pressing→printing and forming


General dimension of underwear boxes (L × W × H) (mm): 330 × 310 × 110

Note: the production speed depends on the material used, the glue and skills of the operator. Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Zhejiang ZK Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is China’s initial professional manufacturer of various automatic rigid box makers, including 3D box making machines, rigid box makers, automatic carton forming machine, and so on. These box makers can produce almost all kinds of boxes such as cell phone boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, and boxes for food, toys, shoes, gifts, etc.
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