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Paper Box Making Machine


Paper box making machine is an indispensable equipment to make boxes. Currently, there are two types of box forming machine on the market, namely, machines with hot melt gluing machine and machines without hot melt gluing machine.

Paper box making machines with hot melt gluing machine are supreme equipment to produce high-grade boxes. With PLC programmable controller, hydraulic pneumatic system, touch screen human-machine interface and photoelectric tracking system, this box forming machine can realize automatic paper feeding, paper gluing, automatic paper board conveying, paper board shaping, positioning and laminating, and paper box forming. This automatic paper box making machine, compared with traditional processes, has significantly improved the box making efficiency by more than 30 times.


This box forming machine is well-suited to make high-end boxes for shoes, shirts boxes, gifts, luxury products, etc.


1. Paper can be automatically fed to the conveying part.
2. Automatic circulating, stirring and gluing with hot melt gluing system.
3. Hot melt gluing paper tape of this paper box making machine can be automatically conveyed and cut.
4. Vacuum suction fan under the conveyer belt can prevent relative deviation of the paper during the gluing process.
5. Hydraulic pneumatic rectifying device is equipped for glued paper and inside of the cardboard to facilitate accurate positioning and lamination, with the lamination deviation within ±0.5 mm.
6. The box forming unit can automatically collect paper to this part according to the paper conveying situation on the conveyer belt.

Paper box making machines without hot melt gluing machine are also equipped with PLC programmable controller, touch screen human-machine interface and photoelectric tracking system to realize feeding, gluing, positioning and laminating, automatic receiving, edge covering, folding and box forming. With simple structure, easy operation and fast speed, this box forming machine is perfect for small, medium-sized and large packing enterprises.