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Fully Automatic Box Machine W/O Angle pasting (ZK-320)


With simple structure and strong performance, our ZK-320 automatic box making machine without angle pasting is the most sophisticated and optimal equipment in China for high-grade rigid boxes (including cell phone box, shoe box, shirt box, cosmetics box, underwear box, food box, hardware box, gift box, etc.) production. With PLC programmable controller, hydraulic pneumatic system, touch screen human-machine interface and photoelectric tracking system, this box maker can realize automatic paper feeding, paper gluing, automatic paperboard conveying, paperboard shaping, positioning and laminating, and box forming.


1. Automatic paper feeding unit

Metal base feeder with latest design allows easy, fast and stable in-feeding of out facing into the equipment

2. Automatic paperboard feeding unit

Automatic paperboard feeding as well as high-speed conveying and monitoring system

3. Heat-exchange glue applying system

This automatic box making machine is equipped with heat exchange glue applying system to allow a wider application range of animal glue. Users can easily control the concentration and viscosity of the glue, making products with consistent quality. Besides, this glue applying system is capable of stirring and filtering, continuous glue feeding and automatic cleaning.

4. Box forming unit

Two moulds vertically arranged in the box forming unit are started simultaneously and function at precise intervals for feeding, wrapping, trimming and folding. Gluing precision error can be controlled within 0.5mm.

Production Process

1. Paperboard
2. Paperboard pushing
3. Outer Facing
4. Gluing
5. Folding and positioning
6. Forming
7. Finished box


Min. Comer folding Size (mm) 12
Max. Comer folding Size (mm) 40
Min. Grammage of Outer Facing (g/m2) 100
Max. Grammage of Outer Facing (g/m2) 250
Min. Thickness of Paperboard Blank (mm) 0.8
Max. Thickness of Paperboard Blank (mm) 2
Speed 15 to 30
Precision Error (mm) ±0.3 to 0.5
Paperboard Pile (mm) 35
Outer Facing Pile (mm) 270
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Power (kW) 9.57
Glue Barrel Capacity (L) 24
Air Supply (L/min) 12
Net Weight (kg) 2300
Dimension (L × W × H) (m) 4.3 × 1.55 × 2.3
Note: the production speed depends on the material used, the glue and skills of the operator. Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Outer Facing Size
Min. Width (mm) 95
Max. Width (mm) 295
Min. Length (mm) 105
Max. Length (mm) 395
Paperboard Size
Min. Width (mm) 70
Max. Width (mm) 240
Min. Length (mm) 80
Max. Length (mm) 340
Box size
Min. Length (mm) 20
Max. Length (mm) 25
Min. Width (mm) 50
Max. Width (mm) 150
Min. Height (mm) 10
Max. Height (mm) 60
Inner Facing Size
Min. Size (mm) 10
Max. Size (mm) 25

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