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Zhejiang ZK Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd

Address: 936 Wanxia Road, Furniture Park, Light Industry Base, Pingyang County, Zhejiang Province, China

Postal Code: 325409

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  • Hardware Box Hardware boxes are generally utilized to package spongy metals, therefore, these boxes should be hard and water-resist. ZK660 series hardware box maker can make boxes for hardware including metals, wires, screws, screw drivers, and so on. ...
  • Automatic Pasting Machine (ZK-6040TJ) With automatic computer control, this automatic pasting machine is capable of automatic failure detection. Four sets of electric melting and cutting devices ensure regular and stable angle gluing of paperboard blank. Quick mould switching control device of this box pasting machinery allows adjustable length of paper tapes. ...
  • Gift Box Small in size and strong in performance, our ZK320 gift box forming equipment is ideal for producing gift boxes as these boxes are generally formed in small sizes. Boxes made by ZK320 gift box making machinery can be utilized to package belt, watch, stamps and other gifts. ...