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Cell Phone Box


ZK-660ANP series cell phone box maker has the deepest fold-in size that comes to 55mm. It’s specially designed for those box types which need deep fold-in sizes such as iPhone and MIUI-II.
Our cell phone box forming machine is easy to control, and protection design is applied to each part of the machine and each step of the operation, avoiding potential hazard during high speed production.


Various sizes (mm) of cell phone boxes are available

155 ×105 ×70 145 ×90 ×55 135 ×80 ×70


Gluing the outer facing while jointing the board of paperboard→positioning and pressing→printing and forming


Min. Grammage of Outer Facing (g/m2) 100
Max. Grammage of Outer Facing (g/m2) 250
Min. Thickness of Paperboard Blank (mm) 0.8
Max. Thickness of Paperboard Blank (mm) 3
Speed (pcs/min) 15 to 30
Precision Error (mm) ±0.3 to 0.5
Paper Pile (mm) 260
Cardboard Pile (mm) 1000
Electrical Power (kW) 22
Glue Tank Capacity (L) 4
Air Supply (L/min) 12
Net Weight (kg) 8400
Overall Dimension (L × W × H) (m) 6.8 × 4.5 × 2.9
Note: the production speed depends on the material used, the glue and skills of the operator. Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Outer Facing Size
Min. Width (mm) 150
Max. Width (mm) 580
Min. Length (mm) 180
Max. Length (mm) 660
Box Size
Min. Length (mm) 125
Max. Length (mm) 400
Min. Width (mm) 85
Max. Width (mm) 300
Min. Height (mm) 20
Max. Height (mm) 125
Inner Facing
Min. Size (mm) 12
Max. Size (mm) 55

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