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Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine


1. Automatic rigid box making machine is manufactured with automatic fault diagnosis function to allow its self-examination at any time and timely and accurately control the operation information, keeping the machine in good working condition.

2. Simple mechanical operation and short preparation time for working make this rigid box maker is well-suited to short, medium and long boxes. With humanized design, this automatic rigid box making machine requires low technical skills for operators, even general workers can operate the machine.

3. This rigid box maker allows easy control, safe operation and protective design to avoid safety accidents of operators during the high-speed working of machine.


This automatic rigid box making machine uses animal glue, and it features:

1. Quick-drying

Glue dries within 5 to 7 seconds under 20 to 25 °C, and dries within around 10 seconds even under 30°C. In this way, the paperboard will not deform on account of sucking water.

2. Smooth

After applying the animal glue, a coating will be formed on the surface of paper to make the surface of paper box even and smooth.

3. Environmentally-friendly

What differs most from the animal glue with the chemical glue is that animal glue is made from animal skin and bones, making this environmentally-friendly suitable for a wide range of fields, including food, hygienic products, daily wear products, etc.

This automatic rigid box maker is equipped with heat exchange glue applying system to allow a wider application range of animal glue. Users can easily control the concentration and viscosity of the glue, making products with consistent quality.